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Why Choose DDS?

Essential Skills

Deerwalk Dhading School believes in equipping its students with essential skills crucial for both academic success and overall growth and development. These skills encompass active listening, adherence to the 5 R’s of DSS (showing respect for everyone), maintaining a neat dress code, and upholding a zero-tolerance policy against bullying, sexist language, and dishonesty. The school places significant emphasis on these skills as they play a vital role in creating a positive and inclusive learning environment conducive to the thriving of every student.

Language Skills

In terms of language proficiency, Deerwalk Dhading School advocates for the learning of multiple languages. While English serves as the primary language for instruction and communication, with students mandated to read one English book monthly, there are no penalties for speaking Nepali, thereby fostering an appreciation for the native language. Additionally, students are encouraged to read one Nepali book monthly. Sanskrit, recognized for its enduring nature and its foundational role in coding languages and speech therapy, is also included in the language curriculum at Deerwalk Dhading School.

Academic Fundamentals

The school places utmost importance on academic fundamentals such as handwriting, completion of classwork and homework, maintaining a zero-tolerance stance against plagiarism, and engaging in project work. Mastery of these fundamentals is deemed essential for academic success and future growth, forming the cornerstone of the academic experience at Deerwalk Dhading School.

Extra Curricular Activities

Deerwalk Dhading School champions holistic development through a diverse range of extracurricular activities (ECA), including student clubs categorized as exclusive and inclusive. These clubs offer students opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and overall enrichment alongside their academic pursuits. Through active participation in these activities, students can explore their interests, cultivate new skills, forge enduring friendships, and enhance their overall educational journey at Deerwalk Dhading School.

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Founder's Greetings

At Dhading School, we take a holistic approach to education. While we strive for excellence in academics, our mission extends beyond that: We teach our students the soft and hard skills they need to become confident and curious citizens of the world. We focus on reading, writing and coding. Reading a range of texts — fiction, non-fiction, poetry and beyond — helps students expand their vocabularies and become clearer thinkers and writers. Reading and writing skills go hand-in-hand. Students use what they’ve learned from reading to further hone their analytical and creative writing skills and become better communicators. Coding teaches students the art of problem-solving and acquaints them with the technologies of the future — skills that will be key regardless of the career paths they choose. Our educators recognize the moment: The pace of technological change is accelerating, and today’s students will need to be prepared for an increasingly unpredictable future. Our goal is to give them the skills and the tools to take on new challenges with intellect, agility and humanity.

- Rudra Pandey

Principal's Message

Deerwalk Dhading School (DDS) is committed to fostering a culture of learning and inspiration. Our campus community places a strong emphasis on knowledge acquisition while upholding high standards in academics. We focus on four key pillars: Essential Skills, Language Proficiency, Academic Foundations, and Excellence in Extracurricular Activities (ECA), ensuring a well-rounded education for our students. With collaborative efforts from School Management, Students, Parents, and Teachers, we strive to unleash the inherent potential in every student, preparing them to become proud DDS Alumni and responsible global citizens.

- Nirmal Kumar Paudel
Deerwalk Dhading School

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